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Modern Farmhouse Love

The Modern Farmhouse trend has been another product of the HGTV boom that we've experienced over the last 10 years and this trend doesn't seem to be fading. This modern take on a country style can be found from the city of Los Angeles out to the suburbs of New York and every state in between. It has quickly become one of the most popular home styles we've seen this decade and continues to capture the hearts of homeowners and social media alike.

If you have been dreaming of your own Gaines style home sweet home, then look no further! Building your own home and obtaining floor plans and interior design help is a lot easier than you may think. By working with Heartwood Homes, you will have access to the countless plans brought to you by Architectural Designs with the ability to customize and change anything you desire. HH will help with the material choices and the interior design of your soon to be dream home.

Modern Farmhouse style incorporates mixing black, white and wood features with straight lines and dark roofs. Large windows and colorful barn doors are also a key component. Mixing materials (like Shiplap!) and utilizing space is something we specialize in. Let us help you today! Feel free to click HERE for access to the house plans and scroll through to see if any fancy your eye. These plans are surprisingly inexpensive, just see for yourself!

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