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What's a Barndominium and how do I get one?

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Made famous by shows on HGTV, the Barndominum is garnishing popularity with homeowners in search of that modern farmhouse look. These unique structures offer the ability to purchase an old barn on some country land and turn it into your dream house. Can't find an old barn? Let us help you with constructing your very own Barndominium. Our partners at Architectural Design have many floor plans to choose from and us at Heartwood Homes can help you to perfect the interior to create a home that is all your own.

"Barndominium house plans are country home designs with a strong influence of barn styling. Differing from the Farmhouse style trend, Barndominium designs often feature a gambrel roof, open concept floor plan, and a rustic aesthetic reminiscent of repurposed pole barns converted into living spaces. We offer a wide variety of barn homes, from carriage houses to year-round homes. Whether you are building out in the country, in a quaint New England town, or just love the style of a barn, let our collection serve as your starting point for your next home. Ready when you are. Which plan do YOU want to build?" - AD

See image from our latest Barndominium interior design in the foothills of California:

Shop the look from this design in The Source

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